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UX library will be closed by the end of Q3 2021. Check out Scania Digital Design System for guidelines and more.
Support for Corporate UI 3 will end in August 2021. Read more!

Corporate UI 3.x

Support for Corporate UI 3 will end in August 2021. Read more below.

Scania's Web Components Collection

The new Scania user interface is now largely supplied as ready to run web components. This means that you no longer has to develop common elements like the header, main navigation or the page footer. Filtered and sortable tables are available to use straight of the shelf as well as a lot of other components as well.

Future of Corporate UI 3.x

By 2019, Chrome stop supporting some main features that is used to build Corporate UI 3.x. With the development of web component technology, an improved solution for Scania web component collections is made by releasing Scania Digital Design System (SDDS). The improved information of design system is also released through the development of Scania Digital Design System. With these situations, we plan to deprecate and stop support for Corporate UI 3.5 and below.


We plan to deprecate and stop support for Corporate UI 3.5 and below. Regarding the deprecation, scripts for Corporate UI 3.x will still be hosted in static.scania.com until further notice.

Timeline for deprecation of CUI 3.5 and below.

2020 Q3

  • Reach out to developers about the deprecation
  • Start to reduce support for issues reported related to CUI 3.x and below
  • Only provide support for severe issues or severe bugs in CUI 3.x and below that affecting every application
  • New project is suggested to use CUI 4.x and no support for CUI 3.x for new projects.
  • Start removing issues in Github related to CUI 3.x and below

2020 Q4

  • Start restructuring Corporate UI repositories to be more adequate with Scania Digital Design System

2021 Q1

  • Move resources for CUI 3.x and above from static.scania.com to digitaldesign.scania.com
  • Merge all relevant contents from UX Library into digitaldesign.scania.com

2021 Q3

  • Stop support for Corporate UI 3.x and below
  • Merge UX Library into digitaldesign.scania.com (close UX Library)
  • Archive CUI 3.x repository and documentation


Corporate UI 3.5 is using Polymer v1 which built on top of Web component v0 specs. Web component v0 specs are only available in Chrome and polyfill is used for browser that not supports v0 specs. In 2018, Chrome announced that they will remove Web Component v0 features in Chrome v73 (released in April 2019). Although, polyfill still can be used for application with v0 specs. One of the main feature in v0 is the use of HTML Imports which is not adopted by other browser. Instead, various browser engines adopted Web Component v1 specs.

Read more about this here:

HTML Imports that is used in CUI v3.x and below was never standardized and is not supported in major browsers. In the development of SDDS, we focused on creating a solution which will work with standard Javascript modules and following the new Web Component v1 specs that are more widely used in various browsers. Our focus is to develop a more easy to use, framework-agnostic, and sustainable solution.


With these reasons, we decided to deprecate support for CUI v3.x and focus on improving SDDS to be more flexible and make it available for wider usage.

Suggestion for developers

If you have used Corporate UI version 3.x and below, thank you so much!

If you have existing application using Corporate UI 2.x or 3.x, we strongly suggest you to migrate to SDDS.

Follow through our migration checklist : Migrate from 3.x to SDDS You can find a migration guide at our github

Although the application with Corporate UI v3.x or below might still run with polyfill, it is not guaranteed it will work properly in modern browser since the native features are already removed in Chrome specification. Read more how to handle applications that are still using Polymer v1.x or v2.x.

Digital Design System Resources

UX Library has provided valuable contents for users, especially documentation for Corporate UI 3.x. Since then, we tried to deliver a more stable design system. The new design system has been released in Q1 2020 and we decided to merge UX Library into the new site digitaldesign.scania.com by the end of Q3 2021. We will move and improve relevant contents from UX Library to digitaldesign.scania.com. Documentation and resources will be available in digitaldesign.scania.com website or under digitaldesign.scania.com domain.

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