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UX library will be closed by the end of Q3 2021. Check out Scania Digital Design System for guidelines and more.
Support for Corporate UI 3 will end in August 2021. Read more!

Mobile Applications

To ensure a strong unified global brand identity and experience, this section includes principles for applying the Scania brand assets in mobile applications. Developing a native mobile application differs from developing for the web. Therefore we currently only provide additional guidelines about how an App should be built by following both Scania Corporate UI Guidelines and Android Material Design Guidelines. And also provided screenshots of the Demo App for projects working with mobile solutions.

Guidelines and Templates

In conjunction to the Scania Identity Manual, principles for applying the brand assets in mobile applications have been developed. To ensure a strong unified global brand identity, please use the Mobile Application Style Guide. Logotypes, icons and font files may be downloaded via the UX library style guide. There are also templates available for Splash Screens and App Icons.

Note: Presently, the application incorporated with Scania Corporate UI Guidelines is only build in Android. There is no app available for IOS. The IOS app will be available soon. But you can get started following the Android app UI.