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UX library will be closed by the end of Q3 2021. Check out Scania Digital Design System for guidelines and more.
Support for Corporate UI 3 will end in August 2021. Read more!

Style Guide

The rules and guidelines shown in this styleguide are mostly built into the Corporate UI stylesheet. Using the pre built components will enable you to focus on other parts of your project rather than spending time with code and requirements that's already developed.

Although, in this section you'll find in depth information about why our components currently look like they do.


The logotype is now divided into the wordmark and the symbol. Find out what CSS classes to use where and when to display the logotype in web based applications.


Each of the Scania Icons are available in 2 different sizes, 2 different colours and in 3 diffent file formats. For the modern web, please use the icon stylesheet and in other cases the SVG version.


The new Scania Colours are now divided into a brand, primary, secondary and tertiary palette. Find out what LESS variables and CSS classes to use where and when.


In the typography section you'll find out the most important things to know about the Scania Sans typeface and what cuts are available, as well as when to use them.

Identity Manual

Whatever design elements from the UX Library that you're going to use, please see to it that it follows the guidelines found in the Scania Identity Manual as it is this manual that is reflected in the UX Library.

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